What is a Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center?

What is Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center? What are the benefits of Senior Centers?

A senior center, like Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center, is little noticed by many and misunderstood by even more. The staff at Primeplus would like to invite you, your family, neighbors and friends to visit us. We are located inside the Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center at 7300 Newport Ave, Norfolk, Virginia.

We know the young seniors throughout Hampton Roads are curious about Primeplus’ Senior Activities and want to know what we do, who were are and how we can benefits them. We are here to help in more ways than one.

It may help to define the purpose of Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center, which is: to provide programs and activities in the South Hampton Roads area, with a goal to keep seniors active as they age. By keeping active, both mentally and physically, individuals stay stronger which helps support independent living. This is especially important to those who are aging in place in their homes.

Visiting Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center and joining our activities will provide another benefit, that being socialization and friendships; which is hard to do with you are staying at home. We provide our members with social interaction, stimulation, and the chance to get involved in the community. Primeplus fills a big need that many seniors underestimate which is the need for socialization. Being retired can be lonely if you stay home and cannot be as active as you may desire.

Please visit our calendar for activities, events, and programs that are both mentally and physically stimulating. Primeplus is here to fill a need in the community and act as a resource for the older adults we serve.

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