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Transportation Issues for Seniors

  • Communities across the nation are ill-prepared to provide adequate transportation choices for the growing population of older adults. Yet transportation is imperative to seniors’ health and well-being.
  • In Hampton Roads more than 1 in 5 individuals aged 65 and older no longer drives due to health or other reasons. Over half who don’t drive as a result of health issues stay home because of lack of transportation options. Compared to other older drivers, non-drivers make 15% fewer trips to the doctor, 59% fewer shopping trips and visits to restaurants, and 65% fewer trips for social, family, and religious activities.
  • Seniors without transportation options are at increased risk of isolation and institutionalization; ultimately leading to declining health. Our transportation program provided 1,969 rides to our facility, shopping and doctors appointments.

Primeplus works with a variety of resources to assure that our members have access not only to the Center but to meet the other transportation needs they may have. We work with Senior Services I-Ride and HRT Handi-Ride to arrange rides as needed for our members and will work with other seniors as needed. In addition to those resources TowneBank recently awarded Primeplus a grant to explore meeting seniors’ transportation needs utilizing Uber. Senior Center members can call in and request support and we will help arrange rides as needed to the Center, to medical and dental appointments or even to the grocery store as needed. This generous grant gives us the opportunity to be flexible and meet seniors where they are.

From time to time our Seniors will participate in Day Trips. All trips are organized through the program director and are at the behest of members who wish to participate.
We arrange transportation and discounts where possible to a variety of local attractions and sometimes just out to lunch. Join our “Savvy Seniors” and help them plan their next outing!

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