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The Jacksons contacted Ask Primeplus because their heating bill surged to more than $1,000 over the winter and they are on a fixed income. Immediately we were able to get them an extension through the power company and assisted them with paying their power bill. However, through additional conversations with the case manager, it was evident that there was a larger underlying issue causing this spike virtually over night. Through our partnerships in the community we were able to have a licensed HVAC specialist look into the Jacksons heating system as no cost to them. After an extensive evaluation, it was determined that their system needed major repairs. The HVAC Company agreed to fix the Jackson’s heating system free of charge and their power bill dropped significantly the following month. Ask Primeplus not only addressed the immediate needs of the Jacksons, but the underlying cause of the problem. Because of the support they received through Ask Primeplus, the Jackson’s were able to maintain their quality of life and maintain independence in their own home.

Brock Jackson September 12, 2016

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