Adult Day Care

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Several years ago Mrs. Brewer was involved in a car accident and her physician advised her to stop driving for safety reasons. This was devastating for her because she lost her independence. Her family noticed a change in her behavior. She was evaluated by her primary physician as well as a neurologist for her acute memory loss. One of her daughters was familiar with the good programs offered at Adult Day Services (ADS) and contacted the agency. Her grandson and daughter care for her at home when she is not attending the Adult Day Care. While she may not recall much of her day at Primeplus, she does state that she “talks a lot with her friends”, the other participants and, “eats meals just like she gets at home”. She loves to sing, play Bingo and games at the center. When she is attending Primeplus, her family is able to work each day “with peace of mind”.

M. Brewer September 12, 2016

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