Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center’s Fitness Tips

Fitness for seniors is not a modified exercise program nor is it a special diet. It’s a lifestyle that will help promote health and minimize medical issues. We promote living a healthy lifestyle at Primeplus Norfolk Fitness Center.

Fitness at any age for some people is a struggle while others seem to breeze their way to a healthier body.

As we age there are more hurdles for us to jump over in order to get fit. Our bones are getting weaker, our joints ache more and our metabolism has slowed way down.

If you are like many of us and are beginning to feel some effects of aging, then use these tips to get you started on your fitness lifestyle and help build your senior exercise program.
1. Know Your Limits
This is probably the most important senior fitness tip. Before you dive right into any senior exercise routine, change your eating habits or any life style changes make sure you know whether you have limitations. If you are not sure what these may be, check with your doctor.

2. Start Slow
Remember it took you 30 plus years to get where you are today so don’t expect to lose tons of weight or get fit overnight. If you have led a sedentary life for many years, then it will take some time to get used to being more active.

Put on a good pair of walking shoes and start taking leisurely to moderate speed walks as a start. Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center is a great place to start indoor walking. We have an indoor area already marked out. Jeanita, our full-time Fitness Coordinator will be happy to get you started.

Mix up your exercise choices by adding something new and fun. Pool walking is offered at Primeplus on Monday’s and Friday’s, this is also a great exercising to help achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t forget, chair yoga, stretching classes, gardening, golfing, bowling, shopping, etc are also great ways to increase your daily activities.

3. Strength Training for Seniors      Excercise 263x300 Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center’s Fitness Tips
Getting up and active is the first step to getting fit for seniors. But don’t just limit your activity to aerobic exercises. Add some strength training to your weekly workouts. Strength training is not just for body builders. More and more seniors are picking up the weights and getting fit with strength training. Try our Too Fit To Quit Class or Charged Up, we also have personal training sessions available to meet your needs.

Building lean muscle not only helps you get fit but has many health benefits as well. Strength training helps lower the bad cholesterol and raises the good. You also get the benefit of increased bone mineral density and overall increase in strength.

4. Check Your Calories
Have you noticed that you are getting the “middle aged” spread? Well welcome to the 50 plus age. No longer can we eat what we ate just 10 years ago.

Remember, your metabolism has slowed down which means you need to consume fewer calories in order to just maintain your weight, let alone lose weight. You may have been able to eat what you wanted in the past, but now it’s time to make changes. Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center serves a healthy home-cooked meal Monday-Friday, click here for a full menu.

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