Primeplus Norfolk Senior Centers Addresses Ageism in Hampton Roads

Primeplus Norfolk Senior Centers Addresses Ageism in Hampton Roads

In the 2015 United States Census, the state of Virginia has 13.8% of its population as 65 and older. Of that percentage, 9.9% live in just Norfolk alone, not including for the other cities in the Hampton Roads area. The City of Norfolk makes up  72% of the states elderly population and that number is growing everyday as the nation sees the oldest of the 77 million baby boomers approaching their 60’s.

The number of seniors is expected to double within the next three decades, increasing annually; however, the availability of funding sources is limited for organizations focused on the 60 and older age group.

Many Americans consider that with Social Security and Medicare and the other advantages that seniors have, that the seniors are in “pretty good shape”. This may be true for many, but not for all. Many seniors worked for small businesses that had no retirement system or worked for low paying jobs throughout their adult life and their “paycheck to paycheck” struggles continue into their “retirement”. Boomers are not all middle class, we do have older people with greater resources, but we also have those with minimal resources, coming from a life that has already faced hardship and discrimination. These are many of the people that come thru the doors at Primeplus and we try our best to help those with needs.

As the elderly population in Hampton Roads increases, Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center is seeing an increase in the need for our services. We are currently facing an increase in the need for our Adult Day Care services. Our day care provides respite care for older adults that may suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s or just can’t be left alone during the day while their loved ones work, go to appointments, run errands, etc. Respite care provides much need relief and comfort for caregivers and many insurance plans do not cover the cost.

If you want to learn more about our programs or would like to donate to help the seniors in Hampton Roads, please visit us at

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