Caregiving is a challenging job. Have you ever had a day when you wished you knew what you could do to help your loved one to have a better day? Have you ever felt frustrated because you just didn’t know what to do? Well, the answers might be simpler than you thought. We all share basic needs and the first things that come to mind are normally food, shelter, etc. Consider a day without outward expressions of love and compassion. Often, it can be so overwhelming caring for a loved one, ensuring they are safe, and their nutritional and physical needs are met, doctor’s appointments are kept and medications obtained and administered that the thought of a hug, holding hands, singing a song, or playing their favorite music escapes us.

Take a few moments to think of the ways you have seen your loved one show love and compassion in the past. Then think about what makes you feel loved and appreciated? We realize each situation is unique and it may take some creativity. The fruits of your labor might be laughter, smiles, or more cooperative responses to your requests. Consider the possibilities and do not limit yourself only to thoughts of restrictions and limitations. If you need suggestions or assistance, please contact us in Adult Day Services. We would love the opportunity to help you create lasting memories while caregiving.

If you feel you need a break, or your loved one could benefit from mental, physical and social activities in a safe, supervised environment, Primeplus is only a phone call away: 757-625-5857.

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