At Primeplus, we enhance the quality of life in the community we serve through our health and fitness program. Our goal is to educate older active adults about healthy options as related to fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. We hold classes Monday – Friday that are structured to meet their physical level. The goal of each class is to increase mobility, strength, endurance, balance and stability to promote independence living/aging in place.  Stop by our Membership office or call 757.625-5857 to see what classes fit your needs.

It’s no secret that trying to lose weight — or even maintain your weight — can be an uphill battle in middle age. Sure, things like lower muscle mass and a slower metabolism contribute to the problem. But you can’t just blame aging.  The Huffington Post talked to two registered dietitians about what common habits that add to the dreaded middle-age spread which include:

  1. You’re dining out all wrong. 
  2. You’re not drinking enough water. 
  3. You’re drinking too much wine. 
  4. You’re not eating enough fiber. 
  5. You’re eating the wrong “health” foods.

To read more about the 5 Common Mistakes That Are Causing Your Middle-Age Spread,  please check out the Huffington post article at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/05/26/5-common-mistakes-that-are-causing-your-middle-age-spread_n_10235376.html

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