Ask Primeplus

Ask Primeplus provides community-based case management to any senior citizen, their family members or caregivers in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Ask Primeplus was borne of the more than 50,000 inquiries to Primeplus in 2012 from seniors and caregivers in need of information, support and assistance regarding community-based services and linking seniors to care. Ask Primeplus coordinates care and meets the varied needs of Hampton Roads seniors, their families and caregivers by offering comprehensive community-based case management services that promote senior safety, safeguard seniors’ independence and care preferences, ensure overall wellness throughout the aging continuum.

Ask Primeplus provides a comprehensive support and referral network through community-based case management services to help seniors and their family members navigate the maze of resources and services within our community to support independence and prevent unnecessary hospitalization, institutionalization or premature death. Ask Primeplus provides case management, assistance with medical, dental and mental health care, prescription drug, transportation and nutrition assistance.

While discharge planners and care coordinators affiliated with local hospitals assist clients once they have been hospitalized, this type of support is very limited. Ask Primeplus meets clients’ needs prior to crisis situations, hospitalizations or Adult Protective Services involvement. The immediate goal is to safeguard individual care preferences, promote physical and emotional health, and enhance service delivery for seniors, their families and caregivers. The ultimate goal is to keep families intact by reducing the need for unnecessary hospitalization and more costly institutional services, allowing caregivers to maintain their employment. Community-based services like Ask Primeplus are essential to older adults for aging in place and have been proven to be a cost effective alternative to long-term care by providing case-by-case support to assist seniors and their families to receive care in their homes, age in place, increase quality of life and to avoid unnecessary and costly placement in a nursing home.

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