About Us

At Primeplus, we change the lives of seniors daily.

Our Mission:

To support the needs of adults age 50+ every day.

Our Vision:

All adults age 50 and up enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Values:

Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center is committed to providing opportunities for older persons to continue to grow and contribute to their community, live life to its fullest, and participate in activities, as volunteers or students.

Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center exists for, and is responsible to, the senior community we serve. We recognize that people are individuals with different needs and we seek to support our seniors where they are. We seek innovative approaches that are accessible and responsive, emphasizing each person’s wholeness and uniqueness.

We are committed to excellence through teamwork, recognizing that open and effective communication is essential for board and staff effectiveness and to ensure we are aware of and able to meet the needs of our community.

Primeplus has a proven record of success! Each year we provide the following and more:

∗ 14,872 hot, home-cooked meals served to nearly 500 older adults.
∗ 54, 407 hours of activities, classes & wellness services were provided
∗ 1,320 hours of health education, screenings and education
∗ 2,662 low/fixed income seniors received support
∗ 1,857 curb-to-curb rides were provided
∗ 86,973 informational inquiries were received from 11,713 older adults, caregivers and family members
∗ 28,971 hours of respite care were provided through our Adult Day Services, keeping families intact and able to maintain their employment
∗ 92 RSVP volunteers provided approximately 11,517 hours of service in the City of Portsmouth.

All of this is accomplished with the support of the United Way, Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia, City of Norfolk Health & Human Services, Corporate, Foundation and Individuals in this community who recognize the importance of our seniors. Thank you for your continued support.

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