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From our Primeplus Members on Facebook:

From Margie: I love this place, from yoga to Zumba, line dancing, strength training, aerobics and more. I even learned how to crochet  infinity scarves!

Cynthia added: And the friendship and fellowship at Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center is priceless!

Margie agrees: The time spent in the social hall eating the home cooked meals Primeplus serves during the week is definitely priceless.

Jonny added: Don't forget that Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center also has Spanish classes, sign language class, ceramics, woodshop, games and more!

Chantel added: We love our members and always try our best to offer everything possible at Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center. Our active adults alway keep the great ideas coming. We offer 50+ activities and classes but we can always add more!



Primeplus Members on Facebook September 12, 2016


Active Adult

Because of her daily exercise at Primeplus, at her last check up, Mabel has lost six pounds and her blood work was great. She credits Primeplus for her success. With simple goals of trying to improve her balance and controlling her breathing, the programs at Primeplus helped her to get a clean bill of health. After a recent knee replacement Mabel had a fast recovery and it is allowing her to do even more exercise at Primeplus, so she can start a new goal of increasing her flexibility. Mabel has met a lot of good people and has definitely become a part of the Primeplus Family.

Mabel Price September 12, 2016

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Adult Day Care

Several years ago Mrs. Brewer was involved in a car accident and her physician advised her to stop driving for safety reasons. This was devastating for her because she lost her independence. Her family noticed a change in her behavior. She was evaluated by her primary physician as well as a neurologist for her acute memory loss. One of her daughters was familiar with the good programs offered at Adult Day Services (ADS) and contacted the agency. Her grandson and daughter care for her at home when she is not attending the Adult Day Care. While she may not recall much of her day at Primeplus, she does state that she “talks a lot with her friends”, the other participants and, “eats meals just like she gets at home”. She loves to sing, play Bingo and games at the center. When she is attending Primeplus, her family is able to work each day "with peace of mind".

M. Brewer September 12, 2016

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Ask Primeplus

The Jacksons contacted Ask Primeplus because their heating bill surged to more than $1,000 over the winter and they are on a fixed income. Immediately we were able to get them an extension through the power company and assisted them with paying their power bill. However, through additional conversations with the case manager, it was evident that there was a larger underlying issue causing this spike virtually over night. Through our partnerships in the community we were able to have a licensed HVAC specialist look into the Jacksons heating system as no cost to them. After an extensive evaluation, it was determined that their system needed major repairs. The HVAC Company agreed to fix the Jackson’s heating system free of charge and their power bill dropped significantly the following month. Ask Primeplus not only addressed the immediate needs of the Jacksons, but the underlying cause of the problem. Because of the support they received through Ask Primeplus, the Jackson’s were able to maintain their quality of life and maintain independence in their own home.

Brock Jackson September 12, 2016

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Get Involved

Primeplus relies a great deal on volunteers to assist in various aspects of our organization. Volunteers also help keep overhead costs to a minimum. Primeplus is a proud partner with the United States Navy, specifically members of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Roosevelt. Both aircraft carrier groups provide Primeplus with dozens of military volunteers for various support throughout the year. Because of their dedication, many military personnel have received accommodations and promotions as a direct result of volunteering with Primeplus. We are honored that these outstanding men and women selected Primeplus to support

Proud Veteran September 12, 2016