Active Adult

Seniors who exercise gain physical, mental and emotional benefits that they would not get by sitting still. Whether it is gardening, walking or a more intense activity, regular exercise improves seniors’ well-being, especially when they work out with friends or family. At Primeplus we offer more than 50 different physical fitness and wellness courses five days a week. We are dedicated to keeping our members fit, keeping families intact and delaying the need for costly home health care or premature placement in nursing homes.

We offer healthcare screenings, wellness programs, and both group and one on one fitness classes. Membership in the Active Adult program is just $60 a year.

In addition to physical wellness Primeplus offers a variety of classes to stimulate the mind and soul. Whether it’s an art or music class, dance lessons, or playing bridge or mahjong, it’s important to keep the mind sharp even as we improve physical wellness.

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